About us

At SCHRADE KABELTECHNIK, we manufacture and pack cable harnesses.

We have a modern machine park, and the bundles we produce are manufactured with the highest precision and subject to continuous quality control.

We produce cable harnesses used in construction machinery and vehicles, snow groomers, marine cranes, engines, railways, as well as in the medical industry, robotics and the audio-video segment.

Cable bundles that leave our factory are used in dental apparatuses, eye scanners, navigation systems in space, submarines or in interactive costumes for video games.

The team
is the most important


Experience and versatility

Our highly qualified designers and engineers, experienced fitters and a rich machine park allow us to produce the most specialized and demanding electrical harnesses, also in short series.

The versatility of SCHRADE KABELTECHNIK is best demonstrated by the completed projects: a 30-meter crane beam made in 30 hours, including 500 cables or a one-minute beam with a tolerance of 0.5 mm, in which the insulation of the conductors is pulled warm and then tinned.

We are constantly developing dynamically, increasing the number and variety of cable harnesses produced. We owe our development to the very high quality of the bundles we design and produce. More than 200 people work for the success of SCHRADE KABELTECHNIK – fitters, experienced designers and engineers as well as management staff.

We belong to Infinite Electronics

As a producer of electric harnesses
we meet the needs of producers of many different industries