Cable harnesses for industrial robots

Wiring for industrial robots

Another important industry for which we produce cable harnesses is robotics.

To maintain stability and the highest quality of electrical connections, presses and automatic applicators are used for crimping the terminals, equipped with a built-in CFA module, which allows for an accurate analysis of the force of the performed clamp.

Taking care of the greatest possible control of the assembly process of screwed components, we use specialized tools and assistance, e.g. a torque wrench.

Thanks to cooperation with the best suppliers and manufacturers of components, we achieve high resistance of products to mechanical damage to which products operating in difficult industrial conditions are exposed.

We assemble cabling for robots of various parameters, properties and purpose.

zaawansowane wiązki kabli elektrycznych

Characteristics of the products

  • high flexibility and durability of the bundles
  • bundles combining electrical and pneumatic functions

Purpose of exemplary products that we produce for this industry:

  • beams used in monitoring systems
  • pneumatic tools

complex projects

The knowledge and experience we have allow us to implement even the most complex project. Every day we are up to the task to meet customer expectations.

reliable quality

Investments in modern equipment and specialized staff make the products leaving our company meet the highest standards and are of high quality.

on time deliveries

Our flexibility and optimization of the supply chain are reflected in a high rate of timely deliveries achieved at a very high level.