Manufacturer of wiring harnesses for medical industry

Electric harnesses for medical devices

Cables and electrical harnesses manufactured by us for the medical industry are characterized by small dimensions (AWG30) and high requirements related to the precision of assembly.

The maximum tolerance of the length of cable harnesses produced for our customers is +/- 0.5mm. We use lamps equipped with magnifying tools during all stages of the production process. This guarantees high accuracy, and thus – maximum product life and functionality.

Cable harnesses intended for medical devices meet the acceptance conditions of class III IPC / WHMA-A-620.

As a result, our cabling works reliably, which is a critical condition for harnesses used in medical equipment.

Characteristics of the products

  • rupture test – pull test
  • hot insulation stripping
  • for crimp force analysis terminals and crimp forces analysis
  • using the vision system to control digital microscope beams
  • cable bundles cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners

Cables intended for:

  • dental chairs
  • devices responsible for body diagnostics
  • devices supporting the maintenance of vital functions

complex projects

The knowledge and experience we have allow us to implement even the most complex project. Every day we are up to the task to meet customer expectations.

reliable quality

Investments in modern equipment and specialized staff make the products leaving our company meet the highest standards and are of high quality.

on time deliveries

Our flexibility and optimization of the supply chain are reflected in a high rate of timely deliveries achieved at a very high level.