Wiring machines and energy devices

Electric harnesses
for the power industry

We are friends with green energy and support its development.

We manufacture custom cable assemblies, including for wind generators.

We use all possible protection of our products against abrasion resulting from constant exposure to vibrations. These protections guarantee the safety and extended life of our cables.

We constantly develop the range of our skills and regularly train our employees to meet the highest quality requirements of our clients.

We know how dynamically the eco-energy industry is developing, so we want to make every effort to add a green brick to the “health” of our planet with the undeniable quality of our products.

wiązka kabli elektrycznych

Characteristics of the products

Bundles used in industrial automation

  • use of high voltage tests (> 1KV)
  • high product reliability
  • only authorized component suppliers


  • control cabinets
  • control modules
  • control systems

complex projects

The knowledge and experience we have allow us to implement even the most complex project. Every day we are up to the task to meet customer expectations.

reliable quality

Investments in modern equipment and specialized staff make the products leaving our company meet the highest standards and are of high quality.

on time deliveries

Our flexibility and optimization of the supply chain are reflected in a high rate of timely deliveries achieved at a very high level.