More space for customized solutions – warehouse expansion completed.

Our headquarters in Nettetal have been significantly expanded. In addition to additional office space, 2 new logistics halls for TKD were integrated into the existing operations. "With the new facilities we can modernize and reorganize our operational processes, but also offer new services in the future", says CEO CCG Wouter-Jan van der Wurff. Together with the mayor of Nettetal Christian Kuesters, he now put the new loading docks at the [...]

2022-06-30T13:45:51+02:0010. June 2022|

TKD | CCG ist Mitglied im SPE Netzwerk

SPE als innovative, schlanke, leichte und zugleich ressourcenschonende, leistungsstarke Ethernet Infrastruktur, hat das Potenzial, in Verbindung mit den heutigen Ethernet-basierten Feldbusprotokollen (wie PROFINET, Ethernet/IP), die physikalische Plattform für hochmoderne Installationskonzepte zu werden. In neuen, alternativen Ansätzen denken – die neue Technologie bietet ungeahnte Möglichkeiten. Was vorher nicht machbar schien, ist nun möglich. Bei SPE geht es nicht nur um die Reduzierung auf zwei Adern, sondern um mögliche neue Netzwerkstrukturen (z.B. [...]

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New highly flexible tray control cables

New highly flexible tray control cables Whether flatbed or drag chain, our new Kaweflex® Tray 6110/6210 series is designed for both applications and makes it possible to create a continuous connection. This saves you components such as plugs or connectors, which also makes possible performance losses due to built-in connection technology a thing of the past. True to the motto: "Less is more", our two new types in shielded [...]

2021-12-13T14:50:14+01:0013. December 2021|

Cable Connectivity Group

Cable Connectivity Group Cable Connectivity Group was established in 2019 and since then has been a progressive and international player in the specialty cable and connectivity solutions market. CCG was formed by the merger of several successful companies in the cable and connectivity industry. The company produces, distributes and assembles special cables as well as cable harnesses and accessories. There are three areas within the CCG: Production: The production [...]

2021-12-13T14:50:09+01:0013. December 2021|

More commitment to a greener future

More commitment to a greener future We strive for sustainable growth to protect the environment and our planet. Since last year, we have been using certified green electricity at all TKD KABEL GmbH locations and our electricity consumption is climate-neutral, thus making our contribution to sustainability. In addition, we use it to promote the expansion of other renewable energies. Take the step towards climate neutrality together with us and [...]

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