First, quality

Through mission, values and a focus on strategy, the management of Schrade Kabeltechnik strengthens our long-standing position as a reliable partner in the production of electrical harnesses.

Schrade Kabeltechnik consistently follows the procedures of the Quality Management System and systematically increases its effectiveness.

Our mission is focused on achieving a position that will enable us to offer specialized cable packaging services.

Certificate ISO9001:2015
Certified in-house Standard trainer IPC/WHMA-A-620B
Cooperation with companies certified by UL
Preparation for AS9100 certification
Preparation for ISO14001 certification

We want to obtain positions on the market by flexibly adjusting to the needs of customers and market prices of services, and by producing high-quality bundles in order to meet customer expectations.

Our goals are as follows:

  • achieving customer satisfaction by offering them high-quality products, processes and services
  • ensuring the profitability of the Company
  • production of niche products
  • training employees to improve their professional qualifications