Manufacturer of wiring harnesses

Wiring of machines and devices

We produce cable harnesses used in construction machinery and vehicles, snow groomers, marine cranes, engines, railways, as well as in the medical industry, robotics and the audio-video segment.

Cable harnesses for various industries

Wiring harnesses that leave our factory are used in dental apparatuses, eye scanners, navigation systems in space, submarines or in interactive costumes for video games.

Modern machinery park

We have a modern machine park, and the bundles we produce are manufactured with the highest precision and subject to continuous quality control.

cable harnesses that we produce – examples

Team and resources

stable production team

We focus on employees, their experience and commitment. Employees are a pillar of every company, therefore their development is very important to us. The stabilization of the team is a criterion worth taking care of.

engineering experts

Engineers implementing products have extensive knowledge and experience. They are not afraid of new challenges, and their ultimate goal is to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers

modern production location

We have modern production and storage facilities, which allows us to constantly expand the product offer and thus develop the company. The proximity of the S5 route is an additional advantage.


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